Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Now offering patterns at KDHandmade and new arrivals at KPhotographyDesign

Been a while since i posted last. I have been so busy with my shops, the family, homework,etc.

I made a cowl pattern and have it listed on my etsy. I also bought a cow pattern hat to make for the etsy which is up now (photo above). I had to modify it though. The yarn i was using states that its worsted but it was coming out way to small even on a larger hook so i used my earlflap pattern for the body of the hat and it came out great! Savannah loves it :) She hasnt stopped wearing it since i made it for her lol.

I will be making a bunch of different patterns today and will be posting them on my facebook page (KDHandmade) and my etsy as they become available. I have always wanted to create my own patterns, and now that i am more experienced with crochet I now can!

Im also going to crank out some fringe blankets for sale and for me to use during some photography shoots. My studio is slow comin but its a coming! Prob. going to finish the other wall tonite and this weekend. Im so excited to get it up and ready!

I also have posted and plan on posting more photography for sale at my etsy (KPhotographyDesign). I still have some unfinished scrap sets that I need to get done as well.

Thats all for now!

Im off to get creating!

Amy @

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