Monday, August 29, 2011

busy!! ok, got everything just about done :) getting the ladybug sets done today and one more bear hat and all my orders (for crochet) will be done and ready to go out for shipment tommorow ! i got like 40 owl hats done in like 4 about hectic! but i dont want any unhappy customers :)
NEXT time i apply to heartsy , even if i dont get featured :
have LOTS of inventory (at least 5 of each item)

It certainly has been a great rush of business with heartsy..and i do plan on doing the whole heartsy thing again, or at least trying to get featured again i should say, cuz its not a guarantee! I was going to inquire about getting a booth at the fair this year, but im not because im not sure if i would have the time to create up enough inventory to do it, bows and headbands yea but the crochet items, man idk bout that ! Hubby knows how busy i have been, so he obviously dont want me to do it this year, theres always next year!

Im planning on getting lots of dif and new items up in my shop here as soon as i get all my orders done and shipped out. Im going to make a dif style of owl hat without buttons, some nfl stuff (steelers mainly), and some other things. Got my ribbon order the other day (and some headbands and clips) but im not doing any new items until i get the current orders finished and out!

Im off here for now, lots to do!

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