Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Heartsy Rocks!

So i got accepted and its been going GREAT!! i have made so many sales that its unreal! Never thought i would ever get accepted (4th time is the charm) , the times before i had given a referral link for my friends/family etc to vote well the 4th time i didnt cuz i just wanted the heartsy community to vote for me (afterall they ARE the ones who would be buying the deal). Sure the deal i offer (and any deal on heartsy) sellers like myself do take quite a bit of a cut (50% off at the very least) but, im hoping it brings in more customers for me. i have a total of 68 sales so far (i had only 3 before heartsy!). I got alot of crocheting to do (my owl hats are selling like hot cakes!) I am extremely happy (and a bit overwhelmed at the same time!) with what heartsy has done for me! I have got more yarn (that i need to fill orders) plus ordering some more ribbon tommorow ..I want to get some new items up in the shop (steelers and nfl inspired stuff mainly and some other things as well).

Im off to start on getting orders filled then to bed (new classes start tommorow at math and concepet development!) hectic, busy week!

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