Monday, August 1, 2011

owl hats and photography props

i am currently making owl hats for all my three children ( seven years* six years* and three years)* oh yea my keyboard on my desktop is a little jacked up right now * ill be getting another one tonite and my laptop is getting fixed right now too* long story short i will never buy anything from best buy or a warranty ever again!!!

i also have like two photo sessions coming up in the coming two weeks so i am making a six month size owl hat for that session* i plan on making and getting more photography props and things for my studio* oh yes thats right * my studio!!! me and the hubbs are building it tonite* i bought lumber for him for his garage for his business well we have other work lined up so we can have more income coming in to fund his business * it will all work out *im hoping smoothly! we shall see how smoothly :) but were really excited to start our business ventures* together none the less :)

i plan on getting photos of dif sizes of the owl hats up in the shop very shortly! i want to start buying some more canvases to do more painting* i added one to my kdesignphotography on etsy but i def want to get more in and once i get some umbrellas ill be able to take some better photos of my art etc

thats all for now! im off to work on the owl hats!

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